Clinical Dermatology

Comprehensive dermatological services and treatments
Above all, the segment of clinical dermatology deals with diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases, but also of hair or nail related cases.
Skin covers the entire human body, so it is important that it is healthy and well taken care of. Based in Warsaw, Ambroziak Clinic is of the most modern dermatological clinics, specialising in the treatment of various abnormalities of this largest organ of the human body. At Ambroziak Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, you will obtain professional assistance from a clinical dermatologist specialising in the treatment of various skin diseases, and you may also use suitable treatments. Our services include diagnostics of allergies and hair diseases. We perform necessary allergy tests and other examinations; based on their results, we establish the treatment regime. What is more, we conduct our own clinical trials on biological drugs for treatment of skin diseases.

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Radiotherapy for treatment of neoplastic diseases
Superficial radiotherapy
Radiotherapy for treatment of keloids
Superficial radiotherapy
Moles under the magnifying glass
Diagnosis of Allergies
Excimer Laser
irreplaceable in the struggle against skin diseases
Treatment of androgenetic alopecia
Treatment of Alopecia Areata
Lamp phototherapy
Healing radiation
Phototherapy LED
LED Phototherapy

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